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Am I A Bad Person?
Am I a bad person?
That's the question you ask me
When asked I find myself aching
I could never think of you as bad
There are so many words I could describe you
Forgetful on many an occasion
Awkwardly-tongued from time to time
But never bad
You have a sweetness of soul that I have rarely seen
A kind and loving heart that is open to heal when needed most
A loyalty and honesty that is to be admired
You have protected me even when not asked
Are you a bad person?
No, I could never think that of you
I have experienced bad people
I have seen the worst
On your worst day
You would never come close
You stay your actions
You tell yourself it is because of how they would be viewed
But in your heart of hearts you know
It is for want to not hurt others
If you were a bad person
If you truly had an ounce of wickedness within you
If that were even possible
I would not care for you as I do
You are not a bad person
Never in my eyes at least
:iconimreln:Imreln 1 0
A Beautiful Lie
Lie to me
Just once please lie to me
Just for a few moments make me believe
You love me like no other
And it is me you truly want
Lie to me
Whisper sweet nothings into my ear as though truths
Make me feel like for once I have someone by my side
And that I will never be left
Is it that much to ask?
Lie to me
Tell me for once in my miserable life
A lie more believable than the truth
A lie that might convince me
That I can truly be loved
Lie to me
Please, just lie to me this once
Make me believe something we both know isn't true
But can convince each other it is
Just tell me one simple, beautiful lie
:iconimreln:Imreln 1 0
I Love You Dearly, My Friend
I don’t know what to do
I don’t know where to turn
I don’t know what I’m facing
Bleak existence surrounds me
I live from day to day
Trying to figure myself out
Wishing I knew more
Than a basic set of facts
I’m Edmund
I’m a man
I’m straight
I love someone I can’t have
I love to read and write
I love to play games
I love to tell jokes
And I love someone I can’t have
I’m trapped
Trapped for what seems forever
Impossibly trapped
By people who feigned a love for me
No, no…no
I’ve spoken too much of and to them
I need to say what truly matters
But it won’t change anything
Would it even help?
It could kill all that I still have
But nonetheless,
Better to reign in Hell
As king of the tormented
Than to serve in purgatory
Pawn to all who languish
A greater suffering than exacting pain could ever be
I love you dearly, my friend
I love you as a brother, as a friend and as a lover would
I wish my words could turn your he
:iconimreln:Imreln 3 1
Let Me Sleep
Please let me sleep
I want to sleep
Make it so I might sleep
I want to dream
Please let me dream
Let me drift off and dream
I want to drool
Please let me drool
Let me wake up on a drool-soaked pillow
I want to wrap myself up
I want to snuggle down
I want to keep myself warm
A chance for my head on the pillow
A chance to find the right spot
A chance to finally switch off
And then, wake up
I want sore eyes
A creaky back
A breath that could kill sailors
I want to yawn
I want to scratch
I want an early morning hunger
I just want to sleep
I’d give anything to sleep
Please just let me sleep
And finally, wake up
:iconimreln:Imreln 1 0
I Will Not Fight You
I will not fight you
Try as you might, I will not fight you
Beat me down, call me names
Yell in my face and threaten me
You won’t get to me
You won’t provoke me
I will keep my calm
I will be cool
Your storms shall not break me
Your wrath shall not weaken me
I am who I am
And you will not make me lose that
You have taken so much from me already
You have made me feel worthless
But I have one thing you will never have
People who have proven time and again
I can trust them
You will never have my trust
I gave it to you once, you made a mockery of it
But I will not fight you
That is my resolve
I will not let my anger take me
I will not let my wrath consume me
You may think me a coward or weak
Because I do not speak my mind
But what is the worth of speaking my mind
When it falls on the ears of those who do not listen?
No, I am not the coward
I am not the one to have threatened someone
I am not the one to have turned my back when I’ve been needed
I am not the one to have been
:iconimreln:Imreln 0 0
I'm a Coward
I’m a coward
There’s no two ways about it
I’m a coward
So many things I would like to say
So many words in my mind
But I just don’t have the strength of will
I don’t have the strength of soul
To say any more than this
I’m a coward
I envy those with the strength of will
I’m jealous of those who through the year
Leave a gaping hole in everything
And finally declare to the world
“I’ve tried my hardest, but living is just too hard”
I wish I had the courage to admit that to myself
To be able to see an end in sight
And meet it with eyes wide open
I’m a coward
And there’s nothing to break this mindset
Too weak and feeble to speak my mind
Too frail and timid to endure brief pain
I’m a coward
With no future ahead and no end in sight
All there is is this dull ache
That’ll never end
And nothing else will either
:iconimreln:Imreln 1 0
Goodbye, Old Friend
What am I?
Am I compassionate?
Am I generous?
Am I giving?
Am I caring?
Am I loving?
I used to be
I once was
I tried to be
But I have nothing left
It’s all been taken away
Crippled, broken and burned
Who am I?
Am I a good man who can stand his ground and show himself as honourable?
I was a good man
Not any more
I was once a good man
I once thought of others
I once gave myself to others
But what is the point
I tried my best and was repaid with spit
I give up the goodness in my heart
There is nothing left to be good for
I lay my soul bare for thee
Take of it what thou might
There is nought to see but a broken, crippled old man
Replete with regrets, burdened with memories
Trapped within a mind a body
Whose heart, soul and wings are broken
And nothing may repair them
:iconimreln:Imreln 0 0
Yup, I shaved it all off :iconimreln:Imreln 0 2
Three Years On
Three years on
It’s been three years long
Since you said the words
That made me belong
Let me try it
I ha…
I hate…
I…can’t say it
Three long years and I still can’t say it
Over a year since cutting me out
I still can’t say it
Why can’t I say what I need to be free?
It’s because I can’t do so
I can’t possibly hate you
You were my first true love
And I still care for you
I’ve tried so much
To think ill of you
To speak badly of you
But it’s another lie I say to myself
I would give anything
For just one more moment
Just one last chance
To say everything I think and feel
Three years on
Three years long
Since you loved me
Why can’t it be gone?
I wish I could
Say all I should
Just one chance
To speak the words and state my stance
Maybe, someday the chance will come
And I can say one of two things I need to
Whether it be “Goodbye and farewell”
Or “Hello old friend, I’ve missed you
:iconimreln:Imreln 0 0
If I Could Be Something Else
If I could be Something Else
Anything else at all
Just Something Else
What would I be?
Would I be a King, Prince or Baron?
Setting in motion laws and edicts upon the land
Would I be a Priest?
The power behind the throne or government
Would I be an eagle, hawk or falcon?
Soaring with deadly precision through the sky
Would I be a mystical dragon or sphinx?
Wielding magical power and timeless knowledge
Or perhaps I would be a lion
Powerful, ferocious king of the jungle
Or maybe I’d be a bull
Stoic and strong and fearsome
I could be any of these things
But no, if I could be something else
I’d choose to be a simple, uncomplicated ladybird
Whose only concern would be aphids and birds
:iconimreln:Imreln 1 0
Hate is a bizarre little emotion
It can sometimes grant a person unrivalled strength
Capable of changing their entire existence
It can however most often eat away at that person
Destroying and transforming them
Into something ugly and unforgiving
Sometimes it’s necessary to feel it
Just so you can have the crumb of comfort
That no matter what you will feel nothing else for a person
Just to give you the chance to heal completely
To draw a line under everything
And never risk seeing the person another way again
However, you must choose who or what you hate carefully
To hate on a whim is to hate without reason
You must search for yourself if it is worth your while to hate
Or whether it should simply be regarded with distaste
And Disregard
Hate must be known just as any other emotion must be
But it must be used with care
Keep a reserve for yourself, select individuals who have hurt you personally
Do not throw around the idea of hate
Choose who has truly earned it
And move on
:iconimreln:Imreln 2 3
I Made a Mistake
I made a mistake
A timely mistake
But still a mistake
One I forever regret
I let someone in
I opened my heart
I trusted someone
I made a mistake
I was right
I should have waited
But her tears were like daggers
I made a mistake
Trust is a funny thing
Laughable when you think about it
It can take months or even years to build
But a second to destroy
I made a mistake
I wish I could take the time back
I would have never let her in
I made a mistake
She used and abused me
Manipulated me to trust her
When it became convenient for her
I was nothing more to her
I made a mistake
One that I can never take back
But till the day I die
I will regret it every day
:iconimreln:Imreln 0 0
Give me a reason not to punch you
Give me a reason not to punch you
Please, I would really like to know
Give me just one solitary reason why I shouldn’t
Losing you from my life? That would be a favour
Alienating those around me? You’ve done well enough towards that yourself
A sacrifice of my principles? If you truly were a woman then you’d actually know how to treat me with respect
Please, just one goddamned reason not to punch you
I’d really like to know why I’m bothering to restrain myself
Is it because I still care about you? Nah, you’ve made that impossible to do
Actually, here’s a reason, one you’ll never admit to yourself
I’m better than you, and we both know it
And I’d rather not suggest any differently
You see, ultimately, what makes us different
Is that I am actually a good person
Whereas you are simply not
:iconimreln:Imreln 0 0
You're a Hypocrite
You’re a hypocrite
It’s as simple as that
You’re a hypocrite
And yet you don’t even know it
I could proselytise and chastise
I could reel off the reasons why
But it wouldn’t matter
Because you don’t even know it
You claim to honesty
You claim to loyalty
And yet when it comes to the truth
You wouldn’t truly know it
I’ve seen and met many like you
I’ve had to live with you types my entire life
I waste my time on forgiveness
After far too long I learn it’s not worth it
I don’t blame you
No, that…that would be far too simple
I blame myself
For letting you into my life
This isn’t me trying to be cruel or mean
This is me being honest
For had I not allowed you into my life
So much less would have hurt me
I wish I could say all I feel
I wish I could lay it all out
But because you are a hypocrite
You make it sound like my fault
I tried to grant you time
I tried to give you space
But when it came down to it
:iconimreln:Imreln 2 3
I Am Not Your Keeper
I am not your keeper
I should never have to actually say this
I should not be expected to make this declaration
I am not your keeper
And yet…yet it hasn’t sunk in
I am obliged to do nothing for you
You took the obligation to anything
The moment you took yourself away
I am not your keeper
I can not believe I need to speak these words
You’re attitude and manner
Both display contempt
And yet illicit expectation
From me to think of you as a charge
Yet you constantly complain that I am not an adult about things
Before you say to grow up, do some yourself
I am not your keeper
I am not the one to hold your lives
I am not the one to be expected
To have care for the doings of any but myself
Maybe give me reason and I might consider
Maybe show your gratitude instead of blatant expectation
Nothing you gain is deserved, it is earned
And you have yet to truly earn anything
I am not your keeper
Start to recognise this
Because before you know it I’ll be gone
And you’ll
:iconimreln:Imreln 0 0
I'm Used to It
Make me the villain
Go ahead, make me the villain
I’m used to it
Get angry for some perceived fault
Or some supposed misadventure of mine
It’s fine
I’m used to it
I won’t try to point out the times when I’ve tried to do nice things for you
I won’t point out the times I’ve nursed you when you’re ill
Or been your shoulder when someone was mean
I’ll just stand here and take it
It doesn’t matter
I’m used to it
Complain to me about minor things that you should already have done
Berate me when I try to do something nice but happen to forget one in a thousand things
Pick a fight with me over the most innocuous and inconsequential of comments
I’ll still be here
Taking it all
I’m used to it
There will come a day
And that day will be hardest on you
The punching bag will be gone
And instead will stand someone
Fed up to the point of explosion
So just remember
For now, I’ll take it
I’m used to it
:iconimreln:Imreln 0 0

Random Favourites

Why Is The Sky Crying? :iconsplityourspine:splityourspine 1 4 Avatar :iconlordtyrannus:lordtyrannus 1 0
Go onward brave soldier
Your journey is done
Your work is finished,
Yet your pain is not
You watch over us;
And sob as we do
You will miss us
As we will miss.
So goodbye brave soldier
May you rest in peace
Curse this grief
Well beyond pain
Pushing the borders
Of anger and wrath
Our remaining tears
Will be spent  
Not on your sorrow
But on your revenge
Goodbye my friend…
:iconsykopath90:sykopath90 6 5
Its there
Just there
I can sense it
Feel it
I know its there
Just waiting
To be brought to life
It prowls the edge of my dreams
Just within the darkness
Just beyond the light
It moves without a body
Followed by only half a shadow
It searches to be whole
But I will not let it.
It is an atrocity
Formed with the love of anger
Smelted in hate
Driven to me
By the whips of hell
To do with as I wish
But I fear what it would become
I try to hide it, in the depths of my dreams
And as I do, it consumes my other thoughts
With which I try to replace it
This it what happens when
I get writers block.
:iconackkarin:Ackkarin 3 20
Another ending
She is the porcelain doll
He the rampaging bull
As they dance
He is wary
For one wrong move
Could break her
Smash her beautiful body
And that would crush his heart
Crumple him to nothing
Than as he catches her hand
It comes away in his
She frowns
And as she does
Her face cracks, then
In a haze of dust she collapses
Then there he stands broken
The dust making him choke
He shields himself with a hand
For he wishes no-one to see his tears
To his horror the fragments move
And she raises herself
Now it's her real beauty
No longer hidden
Her real eyes shine out
He reaches out for her hand again
As he does
His fur falls away
His horns recede through his hair
The curve of his spine straightens
Thus he become a real man
And the fairytale ends.
:iconackkarin:Ackkarin 9 22
the light shows it for what is :iconwalkingbloodydead:walkingbloodydead 1 5 twin flames in the darkness :iconwalkingbloodydead:walkingbloodydead 1 6 :gromp: :icondarkmoon3636:darkmoon3636 723 158 into the flames :iconwalkingbloodydead:walkingbloodydead 1 8 into the flames ii :iconwalkingbloodydead:walkingbloodydead 1 2 now that is a vanishing point :iconwalkingbloodydead:walkingbloodydead 1 6
Unwanted Destiny
Eleven lives full of death
Eleven lives without being blessed
Ten souls in peaceful watching
And one without a match
Odd man out
Full of doubt
Odd man out
Who wants to shout
To reveal his pain
Without his gain
That drives him insane
Oh poor soul
Who has no goal
But needs to know
We love him so
As he sits
In his limbo
He needs to sense
That we're there also
He needs to think
And raise his heart
From its eternal sink
And come to his senses
And look for a goal
That is his destiny
That needs to contain
What he needs to obtain
What he needs to see
But he only sits
Just to complain
He's not the odd man out
Release his doubt
He's rich soul
That has a goal
But he needs to know
To let her go …
:iconsykopath90:sykopath90 2 6
the light on the leaves :iconwalkingbloodydead:walkingbloodydead 1 2 hidden and yet seen :iconwalkingbloodydead:walkingbloodydead 1 2
My Hero
You are my hero
My teacher
My protector
My preacher
You are my law
My ally
The one who
I abide by
You are my courage
My story
My power
My glory
You are not only that
You are there to the end
Because most of all
You are my friend.
:iconsykopath90:sykopath90 1 9
the temple of light :iconwalkingbloodydead:walkingbloodydead 1 7


Got a strawpoll going for what the first episode of my game review series will be:
Hey there, doing a bit of promotion for the music show that I've been doing over the last couple of years, which you can find here:… (series 1)… (series 2)

So far we've mostly been discussing albums, but started discussing singles too. If some episodes seem long it's because we're unscripted and discussing the albums from start to finish, though format is subject to change soon.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Hello my pretties. So yes, you’re getting an update about when things are happening.

It’ll be Friday 26th June for my livestream and it’ll be the following Monday for Pierce’s. They’ll be starting at 4:30 GMT and finishing…whenever we feel like it.


The broadcasts will be archived so if you miss the livestream or come in late don’t worry.


A reminder of those all important links:

My Channel

Pierce's Channel

HiiroCon's Donation Page

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